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LED Fixtures and Bulbs

Older LED Bulbs

keep your eyes out for stores and suppliers dumping there older LED bulbs! At first the LED bulb was good. But now the newer LED bulbs are made so much better in every way! The best thing to do is look on the box or the bulb for a date on when it was made. The newer bulbs have better wattage selection and different colors of light options.Bulbs are like everything. You have your top of the line and then you have your pinto! LOL Have a great day and thanks to everyone that posted a comment.

Servicing Large Lighting Properties

This is a new LED flood light fixture. This fixtures only uses 75 watts of power! the lumens of bright white light is 3800 thats like having a 250 watt light fixtures. This fixture will only save you 175 watt of electricity every day! I,m not done yet. Then this LED flood light fixtures LED bulb will last 50,000 hours before it needs any replacement bulbs. So you tell me is this a money saver? These new LED lights come in parking lot pole lights wall pack mounted lights you name it and they make it.

New Money Saving LED Lights And Bulbs!

                                                                                                                                                            Prices are coming down on LED lamps and fixtures.
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